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live @ BIME live festival, Barakaldo, 2 Nov. 2019.

jamirokaki » Nov 4 '19
I was waiting for this moment for years...jamiroquai playing in my hometown. I have dreamed with this lots of times....

There was something special to add: My 3 years old daughter wanted to come and my brother was playing at the festival with one of his bands.

I have been preparing a new version of the good vibe box, adding 2 more discs with the last 2 tours on it because i wanted to give Jay as a present. I finally couldn't get it done in time so...i prepared my own "copy" of good vibe box (a special super cool version i designed long ago) and wrote a little letter to Jay, hoping to get acces to backstage and give him in hand...
My brother played and it was super...then have to wait another 6 hours to jamiroquai...
I went to backstage at around 21.00 hours to check if the band was already there (i had press pass and changed with my brother's artist pass to get to some other areas forbidden for press (jamiroquai's room for example). Around 21. 30 I saw Derrick Mckenzie walking around so i went to speak with him. He's always so nice and chilled, I spoke with him, showed the photos of our last meeting in ahaus and got a couple of pics and some album and single covers signed. He told me the rest of the band would come at around 23.00 hours...

later (around 22.30), i went again there and (almost) the rest of the band appeared: Matt, Rob, Paul, Hazel...
I said hi to them and they waved me back but no one stopped to talk or shake hands...they looked stressed...
later they passed again and matt shaked my hand, and everybody said hi to me but again they were going with some serious faces...
My daughter and I waited then to Jay to come...
At around 23.30 Jay entered the place (by car to the door of his room). I called him so he looked us and turned to come. He gently saluted me and my daughter and told that he had no time (the concert was at 00.00. So i said i had a gift for him and my daughter gave him (the present was wrapped and he didn't opened). I asked him how he was and told me he had pain in the throat. As we were in a hurry i told him he could just sign me one thing (from the millions i had with me there...) and he said yes. So i passed him the pic we took together in ahaus back in 2008 (the one of my profile). Then I asked for a picture and he told his bodyguard to take it (i told to do another one and he did).

Then back to the stage. There was an anouncement that jay was diagnosed with pharyingitis that day but he decided to do the show anyway. I saw Rick Pope (sound engineer) running to the stage...
My daughter after all the day there watching concerts, dancing, going around and waiting for the band was so tired and he wanted to go but i was hoping that if the concert started she will be alright again...

at 00.08 the concert started....and it was FANTASTIC. The sound was amazing, like if you were hearing an album (the place is not good for concerts but they made it sound perfect). All the instruments sounded clear, every touch form Sola of any instrument was incredible good sound.

My daughter wanted to go home in the middle of the first song so my wife went off with her (sad that they didn't see the concert in the end).
The good news was that my 2 brothers were with me in the conert and they were amazed about the quality of the sound and the musicians (the both are musicians and absolute masters of sound). We had a very good time. The setlist was nice, with lot of hits that i used to get bored of (little l, canned heat, alright, cosmic girl...) but they sounded really great and the new changes made them interesting, and all the crowd was enjoying and dancing, clapping and singing so there was a really good ambient.
i don't remember the full setlist or the order of the songs but i'll try to do a little review of them:
-shake it on: The only automaton album song they played. Good song to start. eveybody went crazy and danced and moved.

-Little l: people loved it and it's maybe jamiroquai best known song here...

-use the force: nice extended version close to the album version

-main vein: nobody around knows this song but they danced anyway...

-alright: classic hit. everybody sang it happily.

-space cowboy: a new intro and less energetic version than usual but great anyway

-corner of the earth: smooooth. everybody sang it.

-runaway: This is probably the most unknown song here but they did an incredible good version and everybody was crazy. maybe the most celebrated song (appart of the top hits)

-canned heat: Extended version of classic version.

-cosmic girl:with new intro and a brand new part. Everybody danced lots

-travelling without moving: Kickin ass as always.

-scam interlude: a longer part with vocals singing the brass. i loved it.

-love foolosophy: some changes again. Everybody loved it.

The concert finished without encore.

no songs from EOPE or RDLS.

Images in the back are very high quaily and futuristc but they don't have nothing to do with the songs they are playing (except some annoying female silouette dancing in some songs about girls).

After the gig i went to the first row to see if i could meet Victor...and surprise! i meet Janluka!
I also met Victor but he got to go. I went to backstage with janlika and his friends, who had a little note from Jay's bodyguard to meet in some point after the concert.
That point was closed and security people from the festival didn't let in to all the crowd accompaining me...but i had an artist pass so i entered and told the bodyguard (John) the problem...

i had to go back and forth several times to start the thing moving. Derrick was also worried about them and sending messages here and there...
I finally talked to people form organisation to let they go in. Just in time because qe arrived when Jay was going. He was broken, so tired and with no voice..but he was in a very good mood. He saluted all of us and huged some of the people, he also did some jokes dances and even sing a bit...he was so nice.
I met Sola and remembered him we knew each other long time ago (13 years ago!).
Other members were talking each othe rinside their room so we didn't bother them...

i left all the people there and i waent back home. Had to work on sunday frowning2
Just after let the backstage someone called me and it was Pablo, an old jamirotalk "ghost member XD, we swipped passes so i could go home and he could enter backstage...
tha't all my story slight_smile


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Re: live @ BIME live festival, Barakaldo, 2 Nov. 2019.

JohnDoggett » Nov 26 '19
Thank you bro,

It's a very nice review ! I hope Jay will be fine...

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Re: live @ BIME live festival, Barakaldo, 2 Nov. 2019.

ophone » Nov 27 '19
Thank you for this great review.
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Re: live @ BIME live festival, Barakaldo, 2 Nov. 2019.

jamirokaki » Dec 9 '19
thanks! you can see the review with some pics in the articles section.