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Tell us about your

mojogonlopoto » Jul 9 '19

Why don't we speak a bit about the "Jamiro-Situations" we had over the years?

But.. wait a minute! What is a "Jamiro-Situation"? --> Every unexpected moment when Jamiroquai or anythign related to it appears in your life, for example:

- You were buying in the supermarket and then Jamiroquai started to be played.

- Jamiroquai music being played in your favourite restaurant.

- You went to a restaurant to have dinner and founs some members of the band there.

Situations where you are looking after members of the band are not valid! They must be non expected!

And here goes mine:

In July 2013, I went to the Summerlive festival in Guildford, UK. When we arrived to the hotel (8 pèrsons), we decided to go to the room, leave the bags and go down to the restaurant to have dinner. We asked for a tble, and the waiter showed us one, and when we sat down.. the whole band (except Jay) was having dinner just next to us! We didn't know we were in the same hotel than them. And then, they woke up and came to say hello!! Brilliant guys...

That was a proper Jamiro-Situation! We had our brains blown to be honest...

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Re: Tell us about your

MartinMcFly » Jul 21 '19
I lived in Shanghai in 2011 and listened to White Knuckle Ride a LOT. It became my Shanghai theme song!

When I visited Shanghai last year and sat down in my favorit restaurant, close to my old apartment, suddenly White Knuckle Ride starting playing! Like I turned it on with my mind (Using The Force - ha!)