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Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

JohnDoggett » Jun 14 '18
Today it's the 25th Anniversary of the gorgeous Jamiroquai's Debut Album.

What are your feelings about the album, a particular tracks, your memories, your special story...

Feel free to share it !

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Re: Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

cosmicmouse » Jun 14 '18

My first Jamiroquai-Contact was 25 years ago, in 1993 at my favourite club the "Jolly Joker" I had been spending loads of time there - somehow it was my "second home", it was the same time when I finished school ("Abitur" = high school diploma)... the song I heard was "Too young to die". The first time I heard it, I was like: "Oh, cool, what's that?" When I asked a guy next to me, which group it was, he supposed: " Ahem, it sounds like Steve Wonder..." laughing

Everytime I heard it at this club, I jumped on the dancefloor and boogied all along, always wondering that they are playing "Stevie Wonder" at the "Jolly"... strange!!! sweat_smile

The same time I have read in some magazines about this new Band called "Jamiroquai" with its very talented frontman. I thought that I would have to go and check this EOPE-Album some day... (I remember being fascinated about the buffaloman and the puristic design of the cover!!)

It took some months to get together those two facts and to realize that my favorite song was from that band.

After buying their debut-album I became a big fan. I finally discovered the music, the sound, the feeling I have always been looking for.

It was like finding the love of your live. heart_eyes I knew that I would never ever stop adoring this music. I remember a situation at the bar, when I said enthusiastically to a friend of mine, that I will ALWAYS listen to Jamiroquai from now on. He was laughing and teasing me. He said: 'yeah, sure... we will speak in 10 years again. Surely you won't know about them any longer than!' I was slightly outraged and said defiantly: 'Alright, we will see.' smirk

Now it's 25 years ago and there is nearly no day that I am not listening to Jamiroquai. relaxed

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Re: Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

mojogonlopoto » Jun 14 '18

I discovered Jamiroquai in 2001, with A Funk Odyssey album. I liked a lot that sound so I decided to investigate a bit more about the band. Then I went to a fnac store and got Synkronized and Emergency On Planet Earth. I was ok with Synkronized, but when I heard Emergency On Planet Earth for the first time I thought... "What the hell is this? It sounds rubbish!"

And here I am 17 years after, listening to every album of the band, with any of their albums being played almost every day of my life in my headphones...

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Re: Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

JohnDoggett » Jun 15 '18
My first contact with Jamiroquai was on september 1993 when the Jamiroquai's first Sony S2 single was released in France.

After High School, I heard on the radio "Too Young To Die". I liked the song. I asked to my mum the name of the singer, she told me that SHE's a black woman !

Few weeks later, I saw on the TV, the famous french broadcast "Nulle part Ailleurs" on Canal Plus and I saw that it was not she but HE : a young man with a big hat and a colourfull pancho. He aswered wisely to the questions and then he (and the band) sang Too Young To Die (you can hear this live version in the Special Maxi Single "Live On French TV"). I could put a name : Jamiroquai. A strange & magic Word.

Few months later (about february 1994) I saw the When You Gonna Learn video. I thought it was very cool and I was happy when I heard one of the two singles on the radio.

Then, on may 1994, I heard, I HEARD Blow Your Mind. I immediatly fell in love. The brass. The chords. The bass. THIS VOICE. The scat at the end. Like Meike said, I FOUND THE BAND OF MY LIFE. I biought the cassette single and I discovered Hooked Up (The instrumental mix). I was deeply impressed. It's still a perfect track to me : a deep and brilliant Jazz funk fusion.

With my two brothers, every evening we listen to this two tracks. Then, I finally bought The Emergency On Planet Earth album. Just Waow.

Again, every evening we listen to the album. If I Like It I Just Do It was the favorite track of my first brother, When You Gonna Learn is still the favorite track of my second brother.

We discussed about it every times. "Hey, listen to the DJ on If I Like It, to the military drums on Revolution..."

It's a great memory. We were just kids.

Music Of The Mind made me dream. Didgin Out made me travel. The only track that I used to skip at the begining (I don't now !) was Whatever It Is I just can't stop. I didn't understand that it was a big wink to Herbie Hancock !

I decided next to buy all the Maxi Singles. I've discovered the live tracks of Didgin Out and Too Young To Die, the demo version of Revolution 1993, the fantastic full lenght LP version of Too Young To Die (10 minutes of happiness) and When You Gonna Learn (JK Mix)...

I was ON the Jamiroquai Planet : since every track is the soundtrack of my life. Jay, Toby, Stuart, Wallis & Nick were my best Friends.

I can't believe it was 25 years ago. As time goes by !

Next, on october 1994 I heard Space Cowboy...then I understood that it will be the song of my life. TO BE CONTINUED TO THE RETURN OF THE SPACE COWBOY 25TH ANNIVERSARY !

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Re: Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

Dye » Jun 16 '18
My first actual encounter with their music was around '96, I remember watching the videos on MTV. It was with Supersonic that I bought Synkronized and soon afterwards the previous three albums.

I still remember the day I went to the store. It was my local video store but they also had records. They had both EOPE and TROTSC and I had to choose one to buy. So they played the very first notes of each album, just that I could listen what was the most interesting to buy first. It was Emergency on Planet Earth. It was their first, the cover was so simple and effective, it was the most logical thing to do!. Sadly that place is no longer there (the video store moved to another location), but I still have that same album and I listened to it yesterday to celebrate the anniversary.

Cheers, Emergency... or EOPE for the close ones!
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Re: Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

PRuiLover » Jun 17 '18
25 years and its message is still alive. I bought this album along TROTSC and TWM, and its sound didn't match with my previous idea made by Synkronized and AFO, the first albums I had, however I loved the album instantly.

It's full of timeless classics of the band and I actually enjoy a lot every time the band plays any song of the album during recent tours. I loved 2010 summer tour when they recovered a lot of tunes from this album.

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Re: Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

ophone » Jun 20 '18
I immediately fell in love with "Too young to die" when it was shown on MTV back in '93.

But it took me a bit longer to buy my first Jamiroquai album. I was more into 70s Rock, buying the Jamiroquai album would have been a major change in style. Another thing which kept me from buying the album, was the visual style of the video to "Blow your mind", which I didn't like at that time. (Kind of stupid of my part, after all it's the music that counts.)

Shortly after its release, a class mate lent me TROTSC. I totally got into the music and went to the record store (which like in Dye's case doesn't exist anymore) and bought EOPE. It didn't take long for me to buy my own copy of TROTSC as well.

Until today I regret I didn't go to the Jamirquai concerts in Davos/Switzerland, after all I happened to be in that town, skiing at that time. But ok, that was during the TROTSC era.

(And if I'm not wrong, they even shot the "Light Years" video there.)

One thing is sure, my discovery of Jamiroquai was pivotal and opened me the door to contemporary music and styles like Jazz, Funk and Soul. Good Rock requires a lot of skill. Good Jazz/Funk/Soul too, in addition it has sounds which are much more warm-hearted and organic. That's also why the two first Jamiroquai albums are still my two favourite albums. From AFO on, the Jamiroquai groove is still good, but it has become colder.

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Re: Emergency On Planet Earth The 25th Anniversary

JohnDoggett » Jun 20 '18
Thanks to all for Sharing this !

It's interesting Ophone : almost the same story happened to one my best friend : he loved adored the Doors & Jim Morrisson (he still does !) and when the Return of the Space Cowboy was released, I was always talking to him about how great was Jamiroquai, how gorgeous was the second album etc..he answered to me that's is not possible to him to love an other kind of music because the 67-75's rock period was golden etc... At last I said ok ! Few weeks later, he said to me : you've been talking so much with the second Jamiroquai's album that I decided to buy it...and I LOVE IT !
He underwent since to Jamiroquai (I bound to confess, I was/am proud !) and we've gone to the gigs.
Otherwise, I realised that it was not as easy as today to buy and listen to the albums. It was a time before internet, When cd's were expensive (I bought cassettes firstly ! What a waste of money ! )and it was hard to hear it before (except if It was a new released !) Aaah, old times !